NRPC Foundation


The Nashua Regional Planning Commission Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established on 09/17/2020. It is a separate entity from the Nashua Regional Planning Commission and is structured to operate independently of the NRPC. As a regional planning commission, NRPC has unique capacities as well as limitations. The formation of the NRPC Foundation stems from the belief that increased collaboration can have a greater positive impact.

The NRPC Foundation, as a nonprofit, has the ability to pursue philanthropic and private-sector grants and donations to support the work of NRPC. The mission of the NRPC Foundation is to advance collaboration between NRPC and philanthropies, private entities, and individuals to encourage sound growth through effective community and regional planning and development in the Nashua Region.

The NRPC Foundation combines financial resources with NRPC’s expertise to support land use planning, transportation, economic development, information technology, public health, protection of natural resources, arts and culture, and community education for the benefit of the NRPC service area. 

You can help support the NRPC Foundation's goal to expand NRPC’s existing programs and launch new programs by donating today through Paypal.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation may be tax-deductible. Click the DONATE button below to be directed to Paypal or you can mail a check made out to "NRPC Foundation" to NRPC Foundation, 30 Temple Street, Suite 310, Nashua, NH 03060.

Board of Directors
The Foundation is managed by a 7-member Board of Directors to include the then current Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer of the Commission, two other NRPC commissioners and two Directors at large who shall be nominated by the NRPC Executive Committee and confirmed by the full commission.
Name Term Expiration Affiliation
Tim Tenhave 2026 Commission Chair
Kim Queenan 2026 Commission Vice-Chair
Janet Langdell 2026 Commission Treasurer
Camille Correa 2025 Commissioner
Karin Elmer 2026 Commissioner
Sarah Marchant 2026 Citizen-at-large
Mary-Ann Melizzi-Golja 2024 Citizen-at-large

NRPC Foundation Bylaws
IRS Non-profit Exemption