Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, which is elected from the body of the Full Commission, meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday. Minutes can be found here

The current members are:
Name Municipality Term Expiration
Timothy Tenhave, Chair Merrimack 6/30/2026
Kimberly Queenan, Vice Chair Litchfield 6/30/2026
Janet Langdell, Treasurer Milford 6/30/2026
Tim Berry Mont Vernon 6/30/2026
Camille Correa Nashua 6/30/2024
Karin Elmer Merrimack 6/30/2026
Jeff Gowan Pelham 6/30/2024
Jason Hennessey Amherst 6/30/2026
Kermit Williams Wilton 6/30/2026

From the Nashua Regional Planning Commission By-laws: 
B. Executive Committee: There shall be an Executive Committee which shall consist of the officers and six Commissioners at-large. Members shall be nominated for a three-year term by the Nominating Committee and ratified by a majority vote of the voting members present at the Annual Meeting. Duly elected members of the Executive Committee shall serve for their three-year term, or until they resign, and may be re-elected for an infinite number of terms. The Executive Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Commission at times when the Commission is not in session and shall report on its actions to the Commission at the next Commission meeting. The Executive Committee shall meet at least eight (8) times per year. Election to the Executive Board shall be for a three-year term. - In the event that a vacancy occurs in one of the positions and that vacancy occurs between Annual meetings, the executive board shall fill the position. Those appointed by the executive board shall serve until the next annual meeting of the commission at which time the nominating committee shall nominate someone for the Commission to elect for the balance of the term. The duties of the Executive Committee shall include the following:

1. In accordance with Article VIII D the Executive Committee shall employ auditors to conduct the annual audit of the books of the Commission and shall supervise the work of the auditors.

2. Oversee the administration of such personnel policies, administrative regulations, and financial procedures including the establishment of bond amounts for officers and staff, as may be needed within the pertinent General Statutes, federal requirements, the By-Laws, and the program and budget adopted by the Commission.

3. Consider and propose a budget for the work program, as prepared by the Executive Director, for approval to the Commission prior to July 1 of each year. During the course of the fiscal year, the Executive Committee shall review proposals for budget changes, amendments, and transfers of funds between accounts that may be made from time to time and shall have the authority to approve such changes, amendments, or transfers provided such changes, amendments or transfers do not increase the appropriations of the member municipalities of the Commission.

4. Review and approve procedures to be used in the purchase of supplies and equipment as well as the award of contracts and the expenditures of all Commission funds.

5. In accordance with the Personnel Policies of the Commission, have the authority to recruit, select and fix the salary of the Executive Director subject to approval by the Commission.

6. Have the authority to compensate Commissioners for attending to the proper business of the Commission.

7. In accordance with the Personnel Policies of the Commission, assist in maintaining administrative and disciplinary control over staff upon recommendations of the Executive Director.