Amherst, NH

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Contact Information:  
Town of Amherst, 2 Main Street, Amherst, NH 03031
(603) 673-6041
Amherst Town Website
Community Profile (NH Employment Security)

Commissioners: Jason Hennessey, Will Ludt, Danielle Pray

Amherst - Streets & Town Facilities
Amherst - Land Use
Amherst - Conservation & Recreation
Amherst - Zoning
Amherst Trails Guide

Services provided to Amherst: 2021 Amherst Town Report

Recent Publications & Projects:
January 24, 2023 Webinar - From the Bookshelves to the Public: GIS Apps by the Amherst, NH Heritage Commission
Amherst Heritage Commission Project 2022
Amherst Village Strategic Plan 2015
Amherst Mitigation Plan Update 2015

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