Hudson Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2024

The Town of Hudson, in conjunction with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission, is in the process of updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan. We strongly encourage all residents, members of the business community, and other interested individuals to participate in the update process.

The Hudson Hazard Mitigation Plan Update will examine changes in development and mitigation priorities that have occurred since the 2018 Plan. It will also address natural hazards in the Town, previous occurrences of these hazards, the probability of future hazard events, and the vulnerability of Hudson’s critical facilities to these hazards. The Plan will conclude by identifying and prioritizing mitigation actions to reduce Hudson’s vulnerability to natural hazards. The webpage will be updated throughout the planning process and includes meeting times, locations, agendas, and updated documents.

For additional information or to participate in the Plan update, please contact Cassie Cashin at or (603) 417-6570 x6567.

Steering Committee Members
Name   Title/Department
Scott Tice   Fire Department Chief and Emergency Management Director
Tad Dionne   Police Department Chief
Elvis Dhima   Town Engineer
Dave Hebert   Fire Marshal (Inspectional Services)
Ben Gradert    Associate Planner
Chris Sullivan   Zoning Administrator/Code Enforcement Officer
Jason Twardosky   Public Works Director
James Paquette   Fire Department Deputy Chief

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Meetings
Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Meetings will all be held virtually using Zoom.  Meetings will take place on Tuesdays throughout the month of June in 2024, see below for more details.

Meeting 1
June 4, 2024 | 3:00-4:00pm (Zoom)
Task 1: planning process, identifying resources 
*Zoom link included in agenda

Meeting 2
June 11, 2024 | 8:00-9:00am (Zoom)
Task 2: natural hazards, previous occurrences of hazards, probability of future hazards, critical facilities, vulnerabilities by hazard
*Zoom link included in agenda

Meeting 3
June 18, 2024 | 2:00-3:00pm (Zoom)
Task 3: status of previous mitigation actions, new mitigation actions
*Zoom link included in agenda

Meeting 4
June 25, 2024 | 9:00-10:00am (Zoom)
Task 4: prioritize mitigation actions, implementation schedule
*Zoom link included in agenda