Economic Development Consulting
Economic development is a critical area in which communities utilize to improve their economic and social well-being. However, many communities lack the expertise or staff capacity to determine strategies to achieve their economic visions and goals. NRPC can provide assistance through an array of services. These can include overall assessments of a community’s economic profile, feasibility analyses, economic base analyses, and impact studies. Staff can also help with communities with navigating using various economic tools and incentives. An overview of these tools can be found in our factsheet Economic Development Incentives and Tools.  

Strategic Planning & Asset Mapping
Planning an economic future can be a complicated process, dependent on many variables at the local, regional, state and national levels. NRPC has the expertise to assist communities with answering difficult questions through strategic planning and scenario modeling and economic base assessments. As part of our integrated planning services, we can help communities understand their economic potential through quantitative research and mapping analyses.

Outreach and Visioning
As our communities move into the future, they are faced with serious issues related to improving their tax bases, allocating resources, and funding community needs. Gaining public input is a vital step in answering some of these issues and guiding decision-making processes. NRPC can assist communities with developing their own unique economic development vision through a dynamic interactive planning process. Services include public engagement, facilitation, creating and distributing surveys and other outreach materials, and data visualization.

Grant Administration & Administration  
NRPC can assist our member communities with applying for and administering potential grants to implement their distinct goals, including Economic Development Administration Grants, Community Development Block Grants, USDA grants and other funding sources.