There are no more events scheduled for 2022. Check back for the 2023 schedule!

Why Participate?

Bringing your household hazardous waste to a collection event protects people and the environment. When hazardous waste is put in the trash, on the ground, down the sink, or into a storm drain, it can pollute water, threaten human health, and harm wildlife. If you have old, leftover household supplies that say “caution,” “poison,” “warning,” or “danger” anywhere on their product label, properly disposing of them can also prevent injuries to humans and pets in your home.

The best way to reduce the amount of household hazardous waste in your home is to avoid buying it to begin with. Look for labels that say “nontoxic” and avoid products with labels that say “flammable, corrosive, explosive, or toxic.” If you can’t find an alternative, buy the smallest container that will meet your needs. If you have any product leftover, offer to share it with your neighbors and friends while it is still useful.

Participating is Easy!

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