Water Resources

Our region’s rivers, lakes, and wetlands provide drinking water, recreational opportunities, and homes for plants and wildlife. Wetlands filter and store stormwater. NRPC has sought out and received funding for many water-related projects in recent years and works with other organizations to improve water quality and protect these important resources.

2024 NPRC Annual Forum: Water Supply Protection and Conservation
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robinson pondNRPC has secured a $39,160 grant from NH DES to create a Water Quality Protection Plan for Robinson Pond in the town of Hudson. The plan, drafted with the help of an environmental consultant, will recommend specific projects designed to improve the pond’s water quality and address current MS4 permit requirements. The anticipated completion date is in late 2023.


LMR_CorridorManagementPlan_ch1-5 1 - CopyLower Merrimack River Corridor Plan - The Lower Merrimack River Corridor Management Plan provides guidance for the Lower Merrimack River Local Advisory Committee and the four communities within the corridor: Merrimack, Litchfield, Nashua, and Hudson. It will be updated in 2022 thanks to a Local Sourcewater Protection Grant of $9,193 from NH DES.

resiliencyNashua Region Water Resiliency Action Plan - The goal of the Nashua Region Water Resiliency Action Plan is to help municipalities become more resilient to the impacts that climate change has on their water infrastructure and vulnerable populations. The plan was completed in 2016 with funding by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Healthy Communities Grant Program.

Hazardous Substances Protection Overlay District
This project was funded by a grant from NHDES and inspired by lessons learned from the Elk River incident in Charleston, WV where 10,000 gallons of 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol were released into the public water supply that left 400,000 people without drinking water for nine days. Locally, the Merrimack River is a source of drinking water for our region and careful measures should be taken to protect it from hazardous substance spills. The project resulted in a Model Zoning Ordinance and Model Site Plan Regulations.

 Related Organizations:

NRPC hosts the New Hampshire Lower Merrimack Valley Stormwater Coalition monthly meetings which is comprised of New Hampshire MS4 permittees.

Dawn Tuomala, Merrimack DPW Director, (603) 424-5137, dtuomala@merrimacknh.gov
Jeanne Walker, Bedford Assistant Town Manager/Director of Strategic Initiatives, (603) 472-3070, jwalker@bedfordnh.org

In the NRPC region, both the Lower Merrimack River and the Souhegan River have been designated as protected rivers due to their outstanding natural and cultural resources. Under RSA 483 Local River Management Advisory Committees are appointed for each designated river or segment.

Souhegan River Local Advisory Committee (SoRLAC)

Lower Merrimack River Local Advisory Committee (LMRLAC)