FY2027-2036 Ten Year Plan Project Solicitations

NRPC has initiated the process of identifying new projects from our municipalities for potential inclusion in the State Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TYP) for the FY 2027 to 2036 period. A project must be listed in the TYP to access state and federal transportation funds. Potential projects can include bicycle and pedestrian improvements such as sidewalks or bike paths in addition to road and bridge improvements. This is an opportunity for direct community involvement to ensure that local transportation issues, needs, and priorities are identified and, in the future, resolved. 

Project Submission Guidance
typ criteria

Project Application - not yet available from NHDOT
Nashua region projects in the 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP): This is included for reference as these projects are already approved and funded.
Nashua Region Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) Project List:  Long-range project list. Review and provide updated information, if necessary.
State Ten Year Plan: NH Dept. of Transportation Ten Year Plan website. 
Statewide Project Selection Criteria: Each project is measured against the set of criteria that have been agreed upon by NHDOT and the nine New Hampshire Regional Planning Commissions. 
Federal Aid Eligible Roads - Statewide Map

Project Solicitation/Selection Timeline
Project solicitation begins 5/15/2024
NRPC staff available to meet with communities to discuss projects 5/15 - 6/14/2024
Project proposals due to NRPC 7/17/2024
NRPC staff summarizes project submissions in preparation for scope/cost review 7/17 - 7/24/2024
Project scope/cost review by on-call engineering team 7/17 - 8/28/2024
Project presentations at TTAC 8/14/2024
NRPC/TTAC scoring team reviews & scores projects 8/28 - 9/6/2024
TTAC meeting to prioritize projects 9/11/2024
NRPC MPO Policy Committee meets to endorse initial prioritized list 9/18/2024
Initial prioritized project list submitted to NHDOT 11/??/2024
NHDOT Internal project scope/cost review concludes 2/??/2025
TTAC recommends regional project priorities for adoption by MPO 3/12/2025
NRPC Commissioners finalize regional priority projects 3/19/2025
NRPC submits priority projects to NHDOT for inclusion in the draft Ten Year Plan 3/31/2025