Traffic Counts

Each year, NRPC conducts well over 100 traffic counts at locations throughout the region. This data is used both by NRPC and New Hampshire DOT to generate reports that assist in decision making by local and state officials. NRPC also uses count data to calibrate and validate its traffic modeling program. 

 The NRPC Traffic Count viewer is an ArcGIS Online app with the following functionality:

  • Data is available from 2010-present
  • Site locations are symbolized by relative volume
  • Site ID is displayed and is searchable using the search box
  • AM and PM volumes are available
  • Dates of the count are displayed
  • Counts over time are shown in the chart 
  • Links to initial field reports are provided
View the NRPC Traffic Count Viewer

Please note: most volumes represent 24-hour raw data averages for the 5-weekday period (Mon-Fri); these are raw counts, i.e. they are not adjusted for for truck traffic, seasonal variation, or other factors.  Historical count data from 1991-2009 is on file at NRPC and available by request.

2023 Traffic Counting
Traffic counting 2023 - Copy (3)