Ten Year Plan Project Solicitation

NRPC is initiating the process of identifying new transportation projects from our municipalities for potential inclusion in FY2027-2036 NH Ten Year Plan. This is an opportunity for direct community involvement to ensure that local transportation issues, needs, and priorities are identified and, in the future, resolved. Therefore, your assistance is requested to:

  • Identify transportation issues and needs that are important to your community.
  • Review the current Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) project listings in your community and provide updated information, if available or if needed.
  • Submit new transportation project proposals for consideration.
  • Establish the relative priority of each project within your community.
  • Finally, if your community is no longer interested in a project found in any of the regional plans, please also provide that information to update the NRPC.

New projects can be added, and existing projects can be updated until Wednesday July 17, 2024.
To help with this process, NRPC staff will be available for meetings (virtual or in person) to discuss the process and potential projects within your community.

Please visit the FY2027-2036 Ten Year Plan Project Solicitations webpage for project submission guidance, important dates, and reference documents.

If you have any questions about the process or need assistance with additional project information or submittals, please contact us:
Matt Waitkins - (603) 417-6566 or mattw@nashuarpc.org
Ned Connell – (603) 417-6572 or nedc@nashuarpc.org